Austral AC Hoop Pine Plywood Soffit

We are pleased to present pictures from the Ripley Valley Service Station in which Austral Plywoods A/C Hoop Pine appearance grade plywood was used.

Austral Hoop Pine is made from 100% plantation pine, and the exterior A-Bond glue carriers a super E0 emissions rating, the lowest in the industry and is manufactured to Australian Standard AS/NZS 2271.

Austral Hoop Pine A-Bond Super E0 AS/NZS 2271


  • Veneer Grades:
    • “A” grade face
    • “C” grade back
  • Stress Grades:
    • AS/NZS 2271
  • Dimensions:
    • 2400mm x 1200mm
  • Thicknesses:
    • 9.5mm
  • Density:
    • 600 kg/m3 approx