The below are recommendations only for a given application and should not be substituted for manufacturer’s guidelines:

Cabinetry & Joinery

Bee Boxes

Boat Floor
(At minimum, must be sealed with a water-based paint to protect against moisture ingress)


Concrete Formwork

External Cladding
(fully exposed applications, must be properly sealed)


(take care in free standing applications)


Horse Floats
(at a minimum, flooring must be coated face, back & edges with bitumen paint)

Interior Walls & Ceilings

Interior Walls & Ceilings

Laser Cutting

Linings for a shed



Pallet Bases

Pallet Dividers in Trucks



Stainless Steel Substrate


* Not suitable in structural applications

Fully Exposed Applications
Shadowclad is the only plywood suitable when properly sealed & installation guidelines followed. With its bandsawn texture helping to diffuse UV rays and Light Organic Solvent Protective (LOSP) H3 treatment, this protects the plywood from cracking, crazing & decaying over time.

Free Standing Applications
Plywood is a natural product that can be affected by changes in ambient weather conditions, possibly causing previously flat sheets to bow and there is no guarantee that sheets will remain flat unless fastened. Straightening systems are available. For doors, either Birch Multiply or Austral Door Panel are recommended.

In all applications, the product must be adequately protected by the use of a suitable water based, exterior paint or stain on both sides of the sheet & edges, irrespective of whether the sides are exposed to the weather or not to protect against weathering & decay. Do not use oil-based products on this plywood as oil-based paints or stains may penetrate the surface veneer of the plywood and react with adhesives that bond the core veneers together (unless those supplied by Livos Australia). No warranty or guarantee is offered by Plywood & Panel Supplies Pty Ltd (PPS) if oil-based paint or stain has been applied to the plywood.

The information provided herein is believed to be accurate but is not warranted to be, whether it originated with PPS or not. This information cannot be warranted by PPS to be correct or appropriate for the recipient’s intended use. Recipients are advised to confirm in advance of need that the information is correct, applicable and suitable to their circumstances. Always refer to manufacturers span tables for correct loadings.       

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