Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver?Yes we do on one of our small flatbed trucks or ute’s for a forklift unload or assisted hand unload with the client on site within 5 metres of the vehicle. For more information, visit our Delivery Page.
How quickly can you deliver?Given order is received and payment made the morning prior, we can deliver next day.
Can I lock in a delivery time?Yes you can and in most cases customers request either an AM or PM delivery if not anytime during the day and we can have our driver call prior to arrival if requested.
Do you cut to size?No we do not offer this service, please visit our Directory.
Can I use plywood for external cladding?The only plywood we recommend for this application is Shadowclad due to its LOSP H3 treatment and rough sawn finish. Structural plywood with an A-Bond marine glue can be used but it’s subject to cracking and crazing over time even if painted and the longevity of the sheets depends on the durability of timber specie used in the making of the plywood. You can read more on our Blog.
Do you do veneering? No we do not offer this service, please visit our Directory.
What thickness do I need for plywood flooring?Please check page 30 of the ECOPly Installation Guide for more information and consult with your builder/ engineer.
Do you have a showroom?You can come past our office during business hours to view our various range of samples.
Can I just turn up to purchase?We prefer if the invoice is sorted prior to collection so we can have it ready for you, but yes you can just turn up. Once payment is sorted, our storeman will pick your order.
Do you hold it in stock?Everything that is listed on the website we intend to hold in stock at all times. We recommend calling prior to confirm the stock is available and if you know what you're after we can sort out the invoice over the phone and have it ready for collection.
Can I have a price on a sheet of Marine Plywood?We always start with, what's the application/ do you necessarily need plywood to the marine standard? In most cases customers are after a durable plywood with an A-Bond Marine glue such as the CD Structural Hardwood or BB Hoop Pine, alternatively we can offer the Gaboon Marine Plywood to the BS1088 standard.
Do you recommend any type of coating? A water based coating, people have utilised both Intergrain and Cabot's (who also have a various range of stains). For more information please visit our Resources page which includes the Cabot's & Livos Colour Cards.
Do you sell offcuts?Not normally, but sometimes they come through and are offered on our Specials page
What set out should be utilised for affixing plywood as ceiling panels?Common thicknesses when the face grain runs across the framing, for given ceiling batten widths: 9mm ply for 450mm & 12mm for 600mm. For more information please view Austral Fixing Set Out and consult your builder/ engineer.