C/D Structural ECOPlyECOPly is certified by the FSC forest certification scheme; thus, making it Green Star suitable.
FSC Certificate Carter Holt Harvey
Responsible Wood PEFC Flyer
Green Star Timber Credit
Austral Hoop PineAustral Hoop Pine is certified by the PEFC forest certification scheme and consequently is Green Star suitable.
Austral Plywoods
Responsible Wood PEFC Flyer
Green Star Timber Credit
MDFLaminex Group MDF is PEFC certified & Responsible Wood certified, consequently making it Green Star suitable.
Responsible Wood COC
Green Tag Certified
Green Star Timber Credit

Guide to Selecting Suitable Treated Timber ProductsForest & Wood Products Australia – Guide For Preservative Treated Plywood
Hoop Pine Plywood – Fixing Set-OutAustral Plywoods – Fixing Set-Out
ECOPly Installation GuideECOPly Installation Guide
Structural Plywood – Design GuideEngineered Wood Products Association of Australasia
ECOPly Moulds on Timber – Technical NoteECOPly – Moulds on Timber Technical Note
Mould Defender Additive (Available at Bunnings)Brochure
Technical Data Sheet
Wood Solutions – Reduce Moisture Issues By Storing Timber CorrectlyTimber Storage Flyer
Wood Solutions – Engineering Woods and Fabrication SpecificationWood Solutions – Mould Prevention (Page 10)

See the video below – a mould removal demonstration & the prevention utilising a mould preventer additive. At Bunnings you can purchase the below:

H3 Treatment for protection against:
termites, borers & moderate decay (subject to periodic moderate wetting)
Protim LOSP H3
H4 Treatment for protection against:
termites, borers & severe decay (subject to extreme wetting)
Lifewood CCA H4
Cutek Interior Products (water based only for plywood)Cutek Interior Brochure
Cabot’s Interior Products (water based only for plywood)Cabot’s Interior Colour Card
Cabot’s Exterior Products (water based only for plywood in semi-exposed applications)Cabot’s Exterior Colour Card
Kunos Natural Oil Sealer by Livos (the only oil based stain tested & approved by Austral Plywood)Kunos Colour Chart
Livos Application GuideApplication of Livos Oil on Plywood
How to Whitewash/ Limewash PlywoodBlog Post – Plywood & Panel
Mould Additive – to be added to the water-based stain in semi-exposed applications (Available at Bunnings)Brochure
For more information of grades & types of plywoodPlywood & Panel – Plywood Specifications
Veneer GradesEWPAA – Veneer Grades
Plywood ManualPNGFP Engineered Wood Products
Fire hazard properties of plywood for use as internal wall & ceiling liningsWarringtonfire – Regulatory Information Report 24/06/2019
Checking/ crazing of plywood when exposed to the elementsAPA – Checking
Information about delaminationAPA – Delamination
Checking/ crazing of plywood when exposed to the elementsAPA – Weathering Effects on Cladding
Information about the finishing of plywoodEWPAA – Finishing

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