• Birch Multiply Back in Stock
    New stock has arrived of Latvian origin Birch Multiply. Suitable for use in applications requiring a sturdy & flat panel. 21/03/24
  • What Happens to Plywood Outside?
    Many people ask us if they can use plywood outside for walls and other applications. It’s okay to use given it has an A-Bond Marine glue line, however it is…
  • Which Ply Options Are Greenstar Certified?
    Firstly, Greenstar is a sustainability rating & certification system. It recognises the use of legally sourced timber that are certified by a forest certification scheme such as FSC or PEFC…
  • Ply for Laser Cutting
    Yes, we do sell plywood suitable for laser cutting. The 3mm & 4mm Austral Hoop Pine with C-Bond interior glue is the product offered. The glue won’t flare up on…
  • 4mm Plywood Options
    Our most common thickness that customers request, here is a brief summary of the main 4mm plywood options, please contact us for pricing: Type Features Photo DD Structural Brace Ply…
  • 12mm Plywood Options
    Our most common thickness that customers request, here is a brief summary of the main 12mm plywood options, please contact us for pricing: Type Features Photo CD Non-Structural Pine Plywood…
  • Sustainable Forestry
    Sustainable forestry is a vital cause to us here at Plywood and Panel. Learn more about sustainable forestry methods here.
  • Oversized Plywood
    If you’re after oversized plywood with strength and good appearance, look no further than our Gaboon Hardwood range – suited to both interior and semi-exposed exterior applications.
  • Tom Robinson
    Twenty-three-year-old Brisbane local, Tom Robinson, is currently attempting to do what most what consider impossible: a solo row across the Pacific Ocean from South America to Australia.
  • Standard versus Moisture Resistant MDF
    Choosing the right panel can make or break a project. Learn about the difference between Standard and Moisture Resistant MDF here.
  • Converting your Caravan
    If you are considering converting your caravan for a #vanlife experience, plywood may just be your best friend. Check this guide out for all your reno need-to-knows.
  • Harsh Exterior Applications
    For applications such as bus or trailer floors, exterior walls or situations with exposure to high humidity, look no further than our CD Structural Treated Pine Plywood.
  • Paints & Stains
    Not only is plywood extremely versatile, but it is also an easy material to work with, especially when DIY-ing. Painting & staining plywood is great way to prevent against weathering and wood decay, but it is also a great way to achieve your desired finish.
  • Shopping Centre Makeover
    We would like to highlight the crafty Makeover completed at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre. Check out the transformation.
  • Warm & Earthy Retail Spaces
    The inception and appeal of warm, earthy spaces has seen a rise in the popularity of plywood used in retail spaces. See the visual capabilities of plywood here.
  • Versatility of Austral Hoop Pine
    The Versatility of Austral Hoop Pine is showcased in its wide range of possible applications. From campervans to guitars and box drums to entire room renos, Austral Hoop Pine is a great fit for many projects.
  • Stylish Shadowclad
    A stylish shadowclad feature wall is a perfect way to add street appeal to the exterior of your home. Shadowclad provides a warm, natural wood exterior that is well suited to many architectural styles.
  • DIY Plywood Accent Wall
    A DIY plywood accent wall is an easy and affordable option to breathe some new life into a space. The perks of such a project go beyond ease and affordability in that plywood is an easy medium to work with, allowing for complete customisation and individuality.
  • PEFC Forest Certified
    Wood is one of the most sustainable raw materials on the planet. Using this sustainable product is great, but it is crucial to source wood from forests that are managed sustainably.
  • Plywood Feature Ceiling Installation
    Scott Brown provides much information and inspiration through his crafting abilities. In this project, he demonstrates how plywood can be used to make an aesthetic feature ceiling with negative detail giving a premium look to a space.
  • CD Hardwood Plywood In Situ
    Customer Spotlight: BFB Scaffolding using our CD Hardwood Plywood for their hoardings. This is another great example of the possibilities of plywood.
  • Building Material Prices Continue to Rise
    The Timber Market Survey illustrates Australian timber price movement. The survey presents price movement of a wide range of domestic and imported products..
  • Is Coating Required?
    A common question we get asked is if coating is required. We highly recommend that all plywood is coated using a water based coating. Find out why here.
  • Whitewashing Plywood
    White washing plywood is a process used for both aesthetic and protective purposes. Here, we see the top whitewash DIY-ing tips to ensure a premium finish.
  • The Only Recommended Cladding
    What plywood do we recommend for external cladding? For such an application, we recommend Shadowclad as it fares the best against the elements. Learn more here.
  • A Sustainable Resource
    Araucaria, also known as Hoop Pine, is a versatile product grown under the care of HQ Plantations. Learn more about the journey from seed to showroom here.
  • Home Design & Construction from Sustainable
    Customer Spotlight: it is our pleasure to feature Brett McKenzie and his team at Sustainable whose passion, knowledge, and attention to detail can be seen in their building approach. Their approach emphasises the importance of sustainable design and construction.
  • Commitment to the Arts & Broader Community
    Customer Spotlight: We are pleased to have been able to provide Joshua Wilkinson and his team with product that allowed them to create their fabulous display showcased at the 2019 Vivid Festival.
  • How is Plywood Made?
    How is Plywood Made? Learn more about how a sustainably grown tree is transformed into a strong and aesthetically pleasing sheet of plywood here.
  • Vanuatu Villa Refurbishment
    This Vanuatu Villa Refurbishment demonstrates the application of sustainably grown Kokoda Hardwood Plywood. Chosen specifically for its appearance grade, the plywood was cut, packed and shipped to Vanuatu to allow for an amazing refurbishment.
  • School Hall Refurbishment
    Customer Spotlight: We are pleased to highlight the amazing School Hall Refurbishment completed by Blackwood Projects. We supplied Blackwood with Austral Premium Hoop Pine Plywood to create this impressive refurbishment.
  • Plywood Soffit
    Customer Spotlight: We are pleased to present pictures from the Ripley Valley Service Station in which Austral Hoop Pine was utilised to create plywood soffits.
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