Sustainable Forestry

Sustainable forestry is a vital cause to us here at Plywood and Panel. At first, hearing the words ‘sustainable’ and ‘forestry’ together might seem like an oxymoron; however, with careful planning, certain harvesting methods, and an active commitment to achieving the highest ecological, social, and ethical standards, the words can accurately co-exist.

In Australia, Responsible Wood pioneered the development of certification standards and schemes to ensure that any and all forest-based products are harvested, produced, and supplied with the highest respect for ecological, social, and ethical standards. Covering more than 90% of Australia’s forests, Responsible Wood’s certification scheme is the leading mechanism that provides guidance and accountability to forest managers, manufacturers and suppliers. The question still remains, what methods actually ensure sustainable forestry?

Sustainable harvesting methods such as Variable Retention Harvesting (VRH) ensure the necessary balance of ecological, social and ethical impacts.

What do these methods comprise of? Well, let’s first take a look at Variable Retention Harvesting (video below). VRH is a unique harvesting method that ensures the continuation of young and mature trees. Extensive planning goes into this process to ensure that biodiversity is maintained for the continued health of forest’s ecosystems. Essentially, this harvesting method emulates natural disturbances to ensure – as the name suggests – retention of the natural model of a forest which suits the whole suite of organisms and species residing within.


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