Standard MDF Panel

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is manufactured from pine fibre and resin compacted together, providing uniform density and a fine & smooth surface ideal for painting, cutting, machining and drilling without splinters or chipping.

It is an Australian made product in which all wood fibre used within production is sourced from 100% plantation grown pine with low formaldehyde levels.

Standard MDF is designed and recommended for interior applications such as wall linings, furniture, joinery and partitions, and should not be exposed to high humidity or damp conditions.

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Moisture Resistant (MR) Panel

This is a type of uniform density panel with a special water-resistant resin added to the panel, providing moisture resistant properties. These panels can be used in areas subject to humidity or where accidental wetting could occur.

This product is suitable for drawer and cabinet carcasses in kitchen and bathrooms, and is not recommended for exterior use.

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White Melamine Moisture Resistant (MR) Panel

This is a highly moisture resistant panel overlaid with a white satin/ matt finish lined melamine faced board on two sides providing hard surfaces that are scratch resistant and easy to maintain.

Suitable for use in wardrobes, cabinetry including two pack painting, cupboards, general shelving & manufacturing. 

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This is the case for STD MDF where it furs up after getting wet. However, MR MDF is much more durable to water as it has an exterior glue bond and water repellant wax. For a few extra dollars per sheet, the MR is well worth the investment in the event that they get wet.

We completed the below test to see how durable MR MDF actually is at resisting water and we’re surprised how well it did. Obviously, it’s not suitable for exterior applications, however if it accidently gets wet, it performs admirably.

We recommend the white melamine MR MDF because the melamine coating provides a better finish for the two-pack finish and it also doesn’t absorb as much paint into the board.

We recommend a machine grade panel (known as High Density Fibreboard). This allows for a smooth surface on the recessed areas.

We source the majority of our MDF from the manufacturer Laminex from their Gympie Mill. The pine logs come from the surrounding areas that are PEFC certified and managed.

For Standard MDF, an orange chalk line runs down one long side close to the edge and for Moisture Resistance MDF, a green chalk line does the same.

Normal MDF can only be used in temporary one-off applications such as packaging, to note if it gets wet it will fur up. There is a product called external MDF suitable for alfresco kitchens & the like, you can search online for the product Tricoya.

The product images are intended to illustrate an average representation of the product.

Technical Information

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)
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