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BB/CC Hardwood Plywood

Basswood, Birch & Gaboon Veneered Hardwood – Semi Exterior H2

This smooth sanded hardwood plywood has a consistent tight grain finish and is suited for both interior and semi-exposed exterior applications where strength and a good appearance is required. The face and back may have imperfections that include splits and knots that are filled with a colour matched putty. Made from a Eucalyptus hardwood core, this plywood is available in various dimensions, thicknesses and 3 different veneer types.

For ideas on staining the plywood, please view the colour cards on our Resources page.

Basswood Face

Birch Face

Gaboon Face

Makai Veneered Hardwood – Exterior H2

This smooth sanded blonde hardwood plywood with A-Bond marine glue, suited for applications where appearance, durability, stability & strength are required. If used in fully exposed applications, unless the product is Shadowclad, it may be subject to cracking & crazing over time.

Makai Face

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The BB/CC Hardwood plywood is great value for money with 3 colour options to choose from. Being a B grade, it can allow for imperfections in the veneer, so we recommend a stain or whitewash.

It is possible; however, if doing so we recommend using a stain to hide any imperfections such as localised roughness & putty fills as allowed in a B.

We recommend the Gaboon Marine for a dark appearance or the Austral Hoop Pine for a light appearance in decorative applications.

Common thicknesses when the face grain runs across the framing, for given batten widths:

Walls: 6mm ply for 450mm & 9mm for 600mm.

Ceilings: 9mm ply for 450mm & 12mm for 600mm.

We only recommend using a water-based coating as oil-based can react with the glueline. You can read more on our Resources page including different brands, under staining options.

However, in semi-exposed applications, it is essential that a mould preventer additive is used to ensure against mould growing on the coating. This can be purchased from Bunnings.

No, we do not sell the true container floor plywood. This is a product sold by ANC Distribution. However, if you are replacing ply in a container that won’t be having forklifts driven on top, our 28mm BB/CC Hardwood would be suitable.

The product images are intended to illustrate an average representation of the product.

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