Particle Board

Standard Particle Board

A consistent and reliable panel ensuring superior board density ready for use in applications such as cupboards, kitchen bench tops, joinery, laminating and furniture manufacturing.

The panel is made from a combination of plantation grown Radiata Pine residues and recycled wood products and has a raw finish.

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White “HMR” Melamine Particle Board

Melamine is available on all types of particle board and MDF substrates, providing a durable, easy to clean surface that is resistant to stains.

Suitable for use in kitchens, cabinetry & wardrobes or any other application where a white finish is required.

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Black “HMR” Melamine Particle Board

Used commonly by shopfitters and cabinetmakers, the black melamine surface bonded to an HMR particle board substrate results in a hard wearing panel giving the consumer choice in colour over the standard white.

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Technical Information

Plywood & Panel Technical InformationSpecifications
Particleboard BrochureLaminex Trade Essentials - Particleboard Brochure
Particleboard Technical DataLaminex Trade Essentials - Whiteboard Technical Data Sheet
Flooring Installation Guidelines DR Henderson - Floorboard Particle Board Flooring
Fire Resistance Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia
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