Other Plywood

Bendy Plywood Sheets

Bendy plywood as the name suggests is intended for use in curved applications where the bending radius at minimum is 200mm for 5mm sheets and 300mm bending radius for 8mm sheets. Please note these are for interior use only.

Length x Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Grain Direction
Commonly held stock
2440 x 12205Long Grain (2440mm tube)
1220 x 24405Short Grain (1220mm tube)
2440 x 12208Long Grain (2440mm tube)
1220 x 24408Short Grain (1220mm tube)

See Specification sheet for more information.

Polyester Plywood

Polyester Plywood is most commonly used in interior applications for walls and ceilings in caravans, trailers and horse floats with its light weight and quality finish.

Length x Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Type
Commonly held stock - Plywood
2440 x 12203.6White Matt
2440 x 12203.6White Gloss
2440 x 12203.6White Embossed
2440 x 12203.6Grey Embossed
Commonly held stock - End Caps & H Moulds
24403.0White End Cap
24403.0White H Mould
24403.0Grey End Cap
24403.0Grey H Mould

See Specification sheet for more information.

Cladding – Shadowclad

Our range of Shadowclad are H3 LOSP treated and they’re available in ungrooved or grooved finishes, either natural or primed. Shadowclad plywood panels provide warm natural wood vertical exterior cladding that is well suited to most architectural styles.

Length x Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Type
Commonly held stock
2440 x 121612Grooved Natural
2745 x 121612Grooved Natural
The below are order in products as well as flashings
2440 x 121612Ungrooved Natural
2745 x 121612Ungrooved Natural
2440 x 121612Grooved Primed
2745 x 121612Grooved Primed
2440 x 121612Ungrooved Primed
2745 x 121612Ungrooved Primed

See Specification sheet for more information.

B/BB Birch Plywood

B/BB Birch plywood has a high-quality B grade face with BB back allowing for butterfly patches, exhibiting a light appearance fit for appearance finishing. The multiply construction is made up of 1.4mm veneers with minimal core voids, creating an aesthetic feature edge. With its hard surface, flatness, high water & wear resistance, and exceptional durability making it suitable for joinery applications. We commonly hold in stock from 4mm up to 24mm.

See Specification sheet for more information and this plywood is Group 3 as per the attached Group Number Assessment.

To note, Birch has more natural texture in comparison to other plywood & we believe this brand to be the best of it’s kind on the market. Please see below grading documents:


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