Austral Hoop Pine Plywood

We are distributors of Austral Plywood, a leading Australian manufacturer.

Their resources are 100% plantation grown Hoop Pine, carrying a Chain of Custody certification, linked to the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) with independent certification and comes with a 25 year lamination warranty with the A-Bond marine glueline.

Hoop pine is a native Australian specie with a blonde colour and fine texture. Being a designated marine specie, it is suited for the harsh Australian environment when used in the proper application.

* Austral recently changed all sheets to multiply so there has been a change in some thicknesses. We still carry their old version until stock runs out such as 9.5mm compared to the new multiply which is 9mm.

A/C Grade Multiply Hoop Pine

Austral AC plywood has a high-grade face and a lesser grade back giving a consistent and uniform surface exhibiting a warm appearance fit for clear water-based finishing. Exterior Hoop Pine is a designated marine timber species suitable for semi exposed applications, where a high-quality aesthetic finish is required. Interior Hoop Pine plywood is suitable for interior applications, where not exposed to wet or damp conditions.

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B/B Grade Multiply Hoop Pine F17

Austral BB plywood with face & back veneers exhibiting a more natural appearance including characteristics such as colour variation, filled splits and swirling grain. Suitable for various applications being a durable marine timber species with structural rating. However not generally recommended for high-end clear staining, it’s better suited for a liming white coating or equivalent for appearance.

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Can I use Hoop Pine Plywood for flooring?

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Technical Information

Austral Hoop Pine Plywood
Plywood Technical InformationSpecifications
Hoop Pine Plywood Group 3 RatingWarrington Fire Report
The Suitability of Plywood and Ply Composite Products in Different ApplicationsAustral Plywood
Araucaria Hoop Pine Fact SheetHQ Plantations PDF
Araucaria Hoop Pine OverviewHQ Plantations PDF
Emissions Certificate Austral Plywood
25 Year Gluebond WarrantyAustral Plywood
Structural Plywood - Design GuideEngineered Wood Products Association of Australasia
Fire Resistance Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia
Safety Data SheetAustral Plywood SDS
Responsible Wood (Related to Austral Hoop Pine Plywood & ECOPly Radiata Pine Plywood)Responsible Wood Flyer
Green Star Timber Credits (Related to Austral Hoop Pine Plywood)Green Star
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