Is Coating Required?

Yes indeed, we highly recommend that all plywood is coated with a water-based coating to prevent against weathering and wood decay.

From the FWPAA & their guide on specifying preservative treated wood products, the biodeterioration of wood results from attack by biological organisms such as mould. Under environmental conditions, such as the humid Queensland climate, protecting against these organisms is crucial.

If mould does develop on the sheets (uncoated, or on the coating if coated) this can be eliminated with the below products, Wet & Forgot and/or Intergrain Mould Killer.

The risk of decay can be reduced by utilising surface finish coatings, which maintain a low moisture content of the plywood and prevent fungal activity (mould) from occurring.

For applications subject to period & moderate wetting, we recommend the ACQ H3 Treated Pine Plywood or the LOSP H3 Shadowclad.

For recommendations on coating plywood & mould prevention, please visit our resources page.


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