How is Plywood Made?

One popular question we get asked is “how is plywood made?” We hope the video below gives an insight into how a sustainably grown tree is transformed into a strong aesthetically pleasing sheet of plywood.

The fundamental process of making plywood has remained the same for many years. Once the sustainably grown logs have been cut to size, they make their way through the mill for rotary cutting.

Thin veneers are cut and unpeeled from the log, scanned for imperfections and then trimmed into shorter lengths for processing. After the veneers have been processed through a dryer to remove excess moisture, they are then sorted to the individual grades, imperfections in the wood are patched to improve finish quality and appearance.

The prepared veneers are then glued together under first a cold press. Following this, a combination of glue, immense pressure and heat are applied to transform layered veneers into plywood sheets. Finally, the sheets are trimmed to standard sizes.

For both sustainably grown and eco-friendly Australian Made Plywood, we recommend Austral Plywood and CD ECOPly ranges.

Please see the below video below for more information.


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