Standard versus Moisture Resistant MDF

A common question we get asked is: What is the difference between Standard and Moisture Resistant MDF? Though both panels share some benefits, such as a uniform finish and smooth surface, moisture resistance is not one of these shared benefits. As the name suggests, the Standard panels do not provide protection against humidity and accidental wetting like their Moisture Resistant counterparts and consequently, what panel is best for you will depend on the application.

What creates the difference between the panels?

The primary factor that creates this difference is the resin used in the manufacturing process. Unlike Standard panels, Moisture Resistance panels utilise a specially formulated water-resistant resin, making it the perfect option for applications such as kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, or laundry cupboards. For other interior applications that are not exposed to high humidity or damp conditions, such as wall linings or furniture, the Standard MDF panels are suitable.

How to tell the difference between MDF and MDFMR?

For Standard MDF, an orange chalk line runs down one long side close to the edge and for Moisture Resistance MDF, a green chalk line does the same.


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