Converting your Caravan

If you are considering converting your caravan for a #vanlife experience, plywood may just be your best friend. In recent years, with a growing sector of campervan users in Australia, we have been fortunate enough to see some spectacular conversions using our plywood.

Whether you value a high-end luxurious finish, or are seeking a cozy coastal vibe, plywood can transform the interior of your van into a home on wheels. Though plywood has been a popular material for such fit-outs for a while now – due to its relatively low cost, visual variety and lightweight nature – we understand that it may still be a daunting task to choose which plywood is best for you. Whether you’re a newbie to the game, or you’ve mastered the art of van makeovers (and as such, have conquered the tetris-like challenges of van renos), this guide will give you information and inspiration for your project.

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What plywood do we recommend?

Walls & Ceilings

First and foremost, there are a number of plywood options suited to fitting out a van’s interior. For walls and ceilings, we recommend our A/C Hoop Pine (beautiful blonde colour). What makes the Hoop Pine the front running contender for walls & ceilings? Other than its aesthetic appeal and high-quality finish, the Hoop Pine is a lightweight ply – perfect for a mini home. We can’t talk about the benefits of Hoop Pine and not mention its friendly cost. Alternatively, our Birch Multiply (white in colour) is another great alternative for wall & ceiling lining. Between both options, we are sure that your desired aesthetic can be achieved.

With various colour options, our pre-finished Polyester Plywood is perfect for wall & ceiling linings. We also supply white & grey h-moulds and end caps. Alternatively, if you’re after a ply that you can paint, our BB/CC Hardwood or B/B Hoop Pine are both affordable alternatives.

If you’re after a plank look for your ceilings or walls, we recommend checking out VJ Plus.

Areas Exposed to Moisture

Inevitably, there will be areas of the van that will be exposed to some level of moisture. Irrespective of whether you plan a luxe kitchen and bathroom, or are satisfied with a trusty little sink, the longevity of these areas will depend on the plywood you use. Our Marine Plywood – specifically designed to withstand long-term full exposure to wet or damp conditions – is the perfect answer to ensure that no moisture related issues occur (such as warping). What sets this product apart is its solid grade core, ensuring no core gaps that water can seep into. Furthermore, Marine plywood has an A-bond glue line that protects the sheets from moisture.


Our CD Structural Hardwood is a durable plywood that is suitable for flooring applications. It is structurally rates and suitable for indoor or semi-exposed applications. With both tongue and grooved options available, it is the perfect option for your caravan flooring needs.

Our CD Structural H3 ACQ pine is a total veneer preservation treated plywood that is designed to withstand exposure to periodic moderate wetting, making it suitable for exterior applications.

Hopefully this guide has given you the answers you need to complete your van transformation. If you’re reading to start, feel free to come in store and check out our range.

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