Home Design & Construction from Sustainable

It is a pleasure to feature Brett McKenzie and his team from Sustainable whose passion, knowledge and attention to detail can be seen with their Recipe Housing Approach which focusses on Sustainable Home Design & Construction.

He speaks fervently about the benefit not only to the homeowner but to the wider community of the importance of common sense, sustainable long-term design and construction. With the intent on constructing inspiring buildings far from the monoculture that is common in today’s society with its new estate housing stock. He believes this approach significantly benefits the wellbeing of the community through focusing upon taking into account the current environment, giving rise to a blended demographic and supporting diversity.

Key focus points include the flexible pod design which saves energy and reduces build time whilst focusing on the passive elements allowing the homeowner to live in a more cost-effective home, diluted over a longer period of time. There is great emphasis upon the value of volume over square metres, such as opening up the home with high ceilings allowing in more passive light, and efficient placement of windows to take advantage of natural breezes. Reducing heating and cooling costs during the summer and winter months, whilst at the same time maximising the roof’s exposure to the sun for renewable energy generation from the solar panels.

Feel free to contact the award-winning team to explore your Sustainable home design & construction and view their latest project in Zillmere “Recipe on Crowley” in the YouTube below.



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