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Paints & Stains

Not only is plywood extremely versatile, but it is also an easy material to work with, especially when DIY-ing. Painting & staining plywood is great way to prevent against weathering and wood decay, but it is also a great way to achieve your desired finish.

What do we recommend?

We strongly recommend opting for water-based products (irrespective of whether you are painting, coating or staining) as oil-based products can react with glue lines and lead to delamination.

For interior stains, we recommend Cabot’s Water Based Stain & Varnish. This product is easy to use, has a durable finish, and is available in both Satin and Gloss – perfect to achieve any aesthetic. Cabot’s Water Based Interior Stain is a similar product that can transform the colour of the ply.

What about semi-exposed or exterior applications?

As with any interior applications, water-based products should be used in semi-exposed or exterior applications. Cabot’s Water Based Exterior range are our top recommendation in such applications. In exposed applications, a mould preventer is also non-negotiable. For prevention, we recommend Protite Mould Defender Paint Additive, which can be purchased at Bunnings.

If mould does develop, we recommend Intergrain Mould Killer.

For more information on interior or exterior staining options, including colour choices, check out Cabot’s useful guides here.

How do I Paint/ Stain my Plywood?

Bunning’s Guide to painting plywood shows how easy the DIY process is.


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