The Only Recommended Cladding

We get many requests for plywood to be used in permanently exposed applications in which the only product we recommend is Shadowclad which is a rough sawn finish 12mm pine plywood with H3 LOSP Treatment to protect against cracking, crazing, and rot & decay.

The issue with normal untreated plywood or marine plywood when exposed to the elements (even if painted) is that the sun affects the moisture level of the top veneer and can lead it to crack and craze as per the photo below. Read more: checking, weather effects & finishing.

If Shadowclad isn’t an option, and an enduring appearance is not a prerequisite, for the best longevity the Australian Made Hoop Pine Plywood which is a durable marine specie of timber would withstand the elements the longest and is manufactured with a permanent A-Bond glue in which the bond will not deteriorate under harsh or wet conditions.

For more information on Shadowclad, please view our product page.

weathered cladding resulting from uncoated and untreated plywood
Uncoated & untreated plywood illustrating Weathering
Grooved shadowclad that will withstand the elements in permanently exposed applications
Recommended – Shadowclad Natural Grooved


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